Saturday, September 20, 2008

Carrot Picking

Okay, besides my little guy trying to run away, the carrot picking activity was so much fun! Our toddler friends seemed to love being part of such a grown-up task. They searched for the perfect carrot and carried it with pride up to the deck where we washed and scrubbed the dirt from them. Even the smallest set of hands took part and all tried a carrot (some children ate two or three!)
What are your child's favorite veggies to harvest?


plaidshoes said...

That sounds so fun! My kids love picking blackberries at grandmas and tomatoes and peas from our garden. They love the hunt of it all!

Jody said...

My kids and I love harvesting green beans from our garden. We have the bean plants growing on tent poles so the kids can climb into their nature "tent" and pick the beans around and above them. The beans never make it into the house because we love to eat them raw!

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