Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I've Got Rhythm...Sticks

Do you? Banging sticks rules! My two's LOVE these sticks. "Circle Round for some music together friends, it's time for rhythm sticks." I say this and instantly 10 toddlers are sitting on circle rugs awaiting two painted sticks to bang together. You gotta love magic like this. Making noise is fun, making noise together with your friends? Even more fun! Now making MUSIC with sticks? This is altogether too cool for school. Seriously folks, if you don't have them, invest.

"Tap, tap, tap your sticks, tap your sticks together"
"Roll, roll, roll your sticks roll your sticks together"
"Drum, drum, drum your sticks, drum your sticks together"
see how many ideas they can come up with.

My most recent favorite toddler idea: "Hammer, hammer, hammer your sticks, hammer your sticks together." The child who came up with this idea is the son of a carpenter. One stick is the nail, the other, yep you guessed it, the hammer. They love these sticks! And obviously I do too. Enjoy.
Most importantly: Enjoy your time making music together, if not with sticks then with pots and wooden spoons. Get creative.


Anonymous said...

we do :

We're gonna tap and tap and tap and stop (and put the sticks on a body part)

We're gonna tap and tap and tap aaaaaand Stop! (NOSE!)

Regina said...

We were very inspired by your sticks and picked up a couple and a little drum. We already have a ukulele, banjo, recorder and harmonica. I love watching my little guys jam!

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