Thursday, March 5, 2009

Home At Last

Phew! As many of you know, the East coast was hit with a big snow storm, Georgia got 4 inches! So Montessori Papa and I got stuck in New Orleans after the convention. But we've made it home safe and sound. Little One was excited to see us, our older boys happy to have us back too.

It was a wonderful trip! I can't say enough about the hospitality, the food, the entertainment! It's a city rich with history and talent! Everywhere you walk, someone is playing music, it's incredible. The food was so good too, I MUST have gained 5 pounds while there.

Meeting Aline Wolf was wonderful, and Micheal Duffy too (he was so kind)it was also great to put faces with names and email correspondents! So nice to meet so many of you! And thank you for buying my book! If you would like to buy a signed copy from me pleases email me at Thanks!

Most of all to be a couple again with my dear husband, without interruptions, was such a gift. If I had to be stuck in an airport with anyone, I'm so happy it was you. I can't thank my mother-in-law Susan enough for taking care of the boys and the board and Paula for making it all possible!!!

More to come! My camera is working again! I have to post recent photos and activities, I am so far behind. PEACE to you all,
Montessori Mama

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