Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spreading Jam

Such fun! On our recent trip to NO I saved away this itty bitty jam jar, with this work in mind. My toddler friends loved getting sticky and sharing snacks with their friends. It was a success!
More to follow....
PEACE to you all on this beautiful Spring day


MoziEsmé said...

I can see my girl loving this - she LOVES to spread...

Green Mamma said...

Yesterday, because I think mess is best outside (thank goodness for D.C.'s warmer weather now!), Annabelle and I tried Jean's (over at the Artful Parent) pinecone birdfeeder activity, which required a skill set similar to spreading jam, except of course, we were spreading peanut butter on pine cones. Annabelle loved it! I'll probably post pictures sometime this week.

Anyway, for a tidier inside activity, I'll have to set up the jam and crackers activity. She so loves preparing food at this stage (age 2).

Angela said...

wonderful activity!

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