Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane...

My husband and I are packing tonight. We leave Thursday for New Orleans! The AMS National Conference and great blues music. I am so excited! My book arrived today, here are the author's copies the note read. This is truly...well, I don't even have words. I mean it's not like I saved a life or helped anyone in any way, yet it is an accomplishment I'm proud of.

I hope other people enjoy it too. IF my scanner or my camera was working I would share a photo with you. Hopefully, Mallory will send me a picture for me to post soon. Hint, hint Mallory, luv you.

My mother-in-law is visiting to look after the boys, this will be the first time I've left Little One. And for Montessori Papa and I, this is our first trip away in seven years! I think we are due.

At the conference I will be signing copies of my book, any ideas on what I should write? I only just now thought of this. I'm wondering, do I simply sign my name or should I ask the person their name and then say something corny? If anyone has a suggestion I'd love to hear it.

I made another pie. Peach & apple, the combo was delicious. (again insert imaginary pie photo here) I'm thinking of starting another blog about pies.

'Taller Than Me' suggested I get my own Face Book page...I did, please visit me if you so desire. I feel so old! It's crazy getting on there and seeing all of these people you once knew and now know nothing about but still they hold a place in your heart and mind. It's revealing about how our memory works, isn't it? These people we meet as children, a time when our brains are growing rapidly. Their faces and voices are imprinted in our memories, then life continues and we meet new faces and hear new voices and those people from our childhood shift; gone but not forgotten. Then one day during a snow storm your teenager says, "Why don't you have a face book page Mom?" and before you know it, your knee deep in memories! And it feels like just a day ago we were all sitting in Algebra class waiting for the bell to ring.

So, obviously I'm rambling and it's getting late. The house is clean, the bags are packed, love notes all written....hopefully I'll have a photo of the cover of my book to share with you tomorrow. Thanks for reading as always.
PEACE to you and yours,


Laura said...

HAVE FUN!! ENJOY YOURSELVES!! I'm so excited for you. I think you should sign your books the way you sign your blog posts: PEACE, Jennifer I hope to own a signed copy of your book and that's how I'd love for you to sign it. Have a super time.......wish I was going so we could meet!

Montessori Mama said...

Thank you sweetie!
We will have fun! And thanks for the suggestion, I'll do that.
I wish you were going to be there too :(
Thanks again,

plaidshoes said...

Have a great time! I also am wishing I was there to meet you ;-). This is so exciting, I am sure it will go well - I also hope you and your husband have a great time just being alone together! Will there be a way for the rest of us to get a signed copy? I am also interested! Have FUN!

Shannon said...

I too want a signed copy!

and I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS. I want to go to new orleans!! waaaahhhhh!!!

Paul and Ines said...

Good luck & enjoy your time there. I can't wait to see your book :) You've inspired me with other book selections & now with an emerging toddler (he's 16 months). Congratulations! Enjoy! Mingle!

Bethany said...

Have a wonderful time! I just dropped one of my co-workers off at the airport. She's going and presenting!! :D

Kari said...

I enjoyed meeting you in New Orleans! Your book is so cute! I just love it! But it was sold out before I could buy it. So of course I ordered it. Did you get to do your book signing or were they already sold out?

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