Monday, February 2, 2009

Quiet Moment

A portrait of a little one in my toddler class...
(drawn from a photo)
The light was perfect, I hope I can create a paper cut from this image soon. I'll post more when I've completed it. PS the spot on his face is from my not so spectacular scanner. It's not intentional.
PPS. I'm still looking for the cable for my camera.


amy turn sharp said...

that is so so gorgeous!!!!!!

Amy said...

I love your work!! It really captures the moment.

village mama said...

This is spectacular. Hopefully your camera's hiding itself on purpose so that we see more hand drawings. xo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, as per usual! I look forward to seeing the paper version as well.

Lisa said...

Your blog is so inspiring and lovely! Thank you for sharing! I love the portrait...what talent you have!

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