Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Themed Work

Not the best photos...
but I hope you can see, this friend is pouring water that has colored "ice" chips from one container to another using a tea strainer, mid-process. The tea strainer catches all the "ice" chips and the liquid flows through into the second pitcher.

This Paula original is not presented in the toddler space because of obvious choking hazard.

The 3-6 year olds are drawn to this beautiful presentation and wish to use it again and again. The "ice chips" are tiny rounded triangular prisms made of plastic and found at a craft or pet store. Similar to those small glass balls that are often added to fish tanks; I suppose those would work too if you were unable to put your hands on the plastic variety.
The child strains the ice and then pours the colored water back and ends by adding the ice back. They love this!
Happy Heart Day!

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A said...

I am definitely setting this one up! Thanks for sharing!

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