Friday, February 13, 2009

Still missing my camera...

So I found the camera! But without the charger cord I can't use it!!! Still looking for the charger cord...
Anyway, today I finished up the Valentines for my class and I want so badly to show them to you all. Instead I am sharing this quick sketch...something I'm working on.

Little One is SICK, sick, he barely ate a thing and sat in front of our TV watching the same Kipper movie over and over. Sitting is not exactly comfortable for me, yet, so I lay on the couch and together we (hopefully) healed. The art of doing nothing. Cats are especially good at this.

I'm a bit over tired, if you can't tell that from my rambling. So here's another picture:

This is a mail box work I pulled together from a wooden toy mailbox I found at Goodwill and the classroom name tags. (*in this photo the children are using blank pieces of paper to 'mail') Man, I MISS my camera!
Whine, whine....I'll stop now.
Goodnight to all you night owls. It's 1:20am here!


Karin said...

I love the mailbox.

I'm so sorry little one is sick. I hope you both are mending. ((((Hugs)))))

MoziEsmé said...

sorry about the camera and the sick one... i've been wiping my girl's nose all day - it's no fun.

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