Friday, February 13, 2009

Stop by and Visit

I need to share a few links. I am so in love with the photos found at these blogs! Wow!
I know, I miss my camera...but even when I could use it, I didn't take photos like these! So lovely. Yes, I have camera envy. I admit it.
But while I search AGAIN, for my charger cord, I recommend you stop by and visit these beauties!

Our Montessori Story

Salt and Chocolate
Soule Mama
The Write Start
Wise Craft
Good + Happy

Happy Valentine's Day
Montessori Mama


Jennie said...

Wow...thanks!! I feel honored to be among that crew. My husband is a semi-professional photographer (in other words, he has a day job ;), and he has set me up with a good camera, flash, and lenses that suit me well (rather than the mega-muthas he shoots with that are too big for my hands and waaaay too complicated for me to use). Right now I'm using a Nikon D40 with an SB-600 flash, and the lenses vary.

Thanks again!!

Sarah said...

Beautiful links, Jennifer. I know I have some new bookmarks, now:)

I went looking for more in your sidebar, and was surprised and delighted to see myself there. Thank you:)!

MoziEsmé said...

thanks for the links! said...

Hi from Barcelona, Spain!

and good to discover your blog! i´m a teacher of children and interesting in learning new things!

good work!

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