Friday, August 22, 2008

Furniture obsession

I REALLY want this rocking chair for my classroom. And this furniture obsession is really out of character for me; I don't often become obsessed, about anything, well NOT usually material objects!!
(When my two year old will successfully use his fork, ya okay...I'm guilty of obsessing over that...)
But every time I see this chair (or the space I think it should go in, in the classroom) I covet it, I l o n g for it to magically appear.
What it is, is that I have some nursing Moms who will be picking up there children mid-day and I want to offer them a cozy place to be, before they transition their children. AND I am also thinking of Little One and how he is going to (possibly) have trouble RESTING at school and how a cozy rocker, like this one, might help him and ME.
Here's the thing, we already have a VERY sweet comfy rocker (wooden) but I still can't stop thinking about this lovely one. It's odd. I think it's a prepared environment hang up. I'm just wondering have any of you have experienced similar 'hang ups' while creating your classroom environments? I know I've obviously GOT to let this go, and with people in need of so much and so many things (including basic needs)this is just silly!
Any thoughts? Besides the obvious one: that I've become obsessed with something out of my price range and completely UNNECESSARY (really) and I need to move on and focus on more important things.
Thanks for reading and your compassion (in advance).
Up to my elbows in UN-prepared environment, starting to stress, less than a week until Open House, normally calm and sure everything will be fine...
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amy turn sharp said...

I understand the wanting of something like that- gorgeous! I will put it out to the universe that something like that finds you! xo

plaidshoes said...

I would covet that for my own house! I so much want a chair like that, but we have inherited a piece of furniture that we can't get rid of, but what I really wanted was a comfy rocker!

Good luck with the classroom. I am sure whatever you put together will be beautiful and inspiring. You have such a wonderful eye, I am sure the children and parents will fall in love with classroom!

Melissa said...

I don't blame you! Its a beautiful chair, and perfect for nursing :) We have a similar chair (not quite as nice) that we got for FREE using our credit card points. Maybe you'll get lucky and find a deal on one :)

Shannon said...

great! now I want that chair, lol.

amanda. said...

what about a really nice glider? it's definitely not the same thing, but IS really cozy and safe around littles...

do you know anyone who could put some rockers on a regular small, cozy chair? that could be an option!

amanda. said...
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