Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pictures from my week...

It's been a long but fun week. With my assistant out yesterday a substitute was needed and as you can imagine, my toddler friends were not so keen on this idea at first. It went well though, eventually they warmed up to her and enjoyed her stories and play dough ideas. Thank you Jane!

This photo is of Little One playing with dolls in the PEACE corner. Both of his older brothers are into the dramatic arts so participating in dramatic play is a favorite of his day. He enjoys visiting the PEACE corner to play with these soft dolls; he makes them talk and sing and dance in front of the mirror. Catching him there lost in his play is one of my favorite moments of my day.

Here is a photo of a not quite two year old girl who has carried her chosen 'work' to her rug and has begun playing. The interesting part about this is that moments before I snapped this photo, this little girl was standing and watching a small group presentation of this activity. She stood off to the side and watched curiously and intently. As soon as the work became available to be chosen off the shelf, she picked it up and brought it over to her work space. I observed her use the materials just as I had done, even repeating some of the same language that I had used. This young learner only attends school twice a week and this was her first time using a rug for her work. It was a very rewarding moment for me.

We use the sand paper letters every day it seems; this is a very appealing Montessori material for young twos! One of my students is especially interested in rubbing the letters and asked to color them. I wouldn't have normally introduced this extension this early in the year but the child's interest was there and so were pumpkins! I set up a stationary crayon rubbing work that includes:
a real pumpkin to admire
the sand paper letter 'p'
an orange crayon
and metal inset paper

[I am happy to share that this work has been very popular]

I'll post more tomorrow, we are in the middle of a storm here in New England...


Melissa said...

Thanks for this post! I thought 2 was too young for sandpaper letters, so I've been holding off (even though I know O will love them). I think I'll introduce them in the next week or 2.

Montessori Mama said...

Hi Melissa,
2 is not too young as long as there is close supervision or else what could happen is the sand paper could get colored on. I have also found that a small piece of tape along the top of the paper is helpful for small hands too.

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