Tuesday, July 1, 2008

For their Montessori Papa

(My husband is finishing his Masters and taking his formal Montessori Elementary Training this summer. I am so proud of him!)
I took this photo Montessori Papa's last day here. We went for ice cream in town and the boys let me take a photo of all three of them at the same time! This is unheard of you see. I really like this picture. I hope he does too.

To all of YOU:
# 1.) My hat is off to single parents everywhere! I have no idea how you do this day after day. I am very blessed and I know that. I wish I lived closer to you so that I could offer to care for your kiddos so you could have a break!
# 2.) Thank you ALL for all the sweet comments and emails I've been receiving lately. They always make me smile. I try so hard to write to you, to answer questions etc. But unfortunately often things get lost in the shuffle around here.
Please keep writing and I'll keep trying.
Montessori Mama


plaidshoes said...

I am also in awe of single parents. I don't know how they do it!

Congrats to your husband! I would love to be an elementary Montessori teacher.

Ian said...

Thanks. What a treat to check your blog and see a picture of our boys left just for me.

Training is challenging but is already shaping into an amazing experience.

Maybe I'll post some Elementary thoughts here some day along side your wonderful suggestions ;-)

Montessori Mama said...

Hey You!
So sweet of you to leave a note.
I miss you!!!
Hang in there these first few weeks are the most challenging for sure.
I can't received any emails right now!! EEEKKK
Whatever shall I do?
So you'll have to CALL me with directions to Cindy's house so I can come out and get you.
All my love,
I hope you read this!!

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