Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mama Rant!

Okay so it's day 24. It's been 24 Days since Papa Montessori left for his Montessori training.
I'm nearing my breaking point. Can I just rant for a moment please?
Thank you.
Before I start, I hope it goes without saying that I love my children more than anything. That said,
The last two days have been very stressful! Little One is officially TWO, as you know, and he is turning into a wild man! I know his routine is upset and he misses his rough and tumble play Dad, but oh my goodness kid! Could you bring it down to a low roar? Could you stop moving for two minutes?! Yesterday he tried to eat a candle! He won't eat any vegetables all of a sudden, but he'll eat a candle?
What gives?
In a matter of moments he dumped four bathroom drawers on the floor, dumped his bucket of crayons (which he had to climb up on a chair to get it off the counter!)and some how, I'm still not sure how, got into his sleeping teenage brother's bedroom and took his IPOD hostage.
The result a screaming hissy fit when said IPOD was retrieved by his now awake and very grumpy teenage brother.
Everything always goes wrong while I am getting dressed or using the bathroom.
Does this happen to you too?

The past few weeks have been a pretty constant stream of:
driving to pick some one up
driving to drop someone off
making meals
buying food to make a meal
cleaning up after a meal
and doing laundry.

Middle Man had to have his teeth cleaned yesterday and he ended up refusing to open his mouth for the dental hygienist (that was fun)she had to come and get me in the waiting room. Little One saw this as his opportunity to take off down the hallway toward the Treasure Chest of children's goodies usually given to a child who WILL cooperate with the dental hygienist, and he proceeded to, guessed it, DUMP the contents of the treasure box. EXCEPT for the things he wanted to have (a handful of pencil erasers shaped like teeth) which he promptly put into his mouth!!!!
(I am NOT making this up!)

Taller than Me (who's social life is way more important than just about anything else) has been needing me to drive him every where and just once I would love to here a "Thanks Mom" without me having to hint around for one.

Could I complain about the smelly lunch boxes or the mildew on the laundry no-one seems to know how to do except for me? Did I mention the WET library books, broken window screen and lost water shoes?
Perhaps it's better if I don't.

This is the most difficult job, isn't it? Some days I want to call in sick.

Well that's it, as you can all relate to I'm sure, I have a very long TO DO list and it's calling to me.
Little One is napping and sharing with all of you is a short lived luxury.
Thanks for reading this. I hope I didn't scare you with my honesty.
Like my mother always said,
"I try my best, that's all anybody can do."
Montessori Mama
PS I just found some cheese to go with my whine, phew!
Only 15 more days till Montessori Papa comes home! YA HOO! But who's counting?


plaidshoes said...

I so feel for you! I have had my share of days like that - I can't tell you how many times I have had to say "mommy needs a break!" to the kids. I hope things start calming down and you get a breather! Stay strong ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hugs mama! I really enjoy reading your blog (as a lurker) but just had to comment! I have three small boys and a baby girl and I feel like it never ends! The cleaning, picking up, putting away, laundry, dishes, cooking, more laundry and then baths! I just wanna say I know how you feel! Like PP said, stay strong!

Becky said...

I can totally relate to your post! I used to be an elementary/middle school teacher, but nothing is more harder than parenting! It is definitely the hardest job. Hang in there!

Summer said...

Oh mama, I know all about those days! I usually just lurk, but had to comment today to say stay strong.

jojoebi-designs said...

I don't know how people have more than one child, one is enough for me! Keep at it and just thing, you are more than half way there ;o)

Jennifer Howard said...

This was just what I needed ladies, thank you for commenting!
It helps.

Shannon said...

Any change to the routine is so stressful. I sometimes think that the way I blog portrays this little care free lifestyle, but in reality- boy! can I relate to your post.

Wendy said...

this is what happens when i try to go to the bathroom alone:

Unknown said...

Oh man....

Well..happy birthday to the little one!

The list of things that need to get done during the day sounds remarkably like my own. Hang in there. You're doing a wonderful job!!


MaryD said...

Hang in there Mama. I'm a lurker too, but we ALL have days/weeks like this. Especially with the Papa being away! I bow down to single mamas. and give credit to dear hubby when he is here for all he does.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mama, stay strong! And don't forget to breath from time to time. Even if for a few moments, get away from everyone, sit down and relax, maybe even have a glass of your favorite whine. You owe it to yourself!

MerrandaVK said...

Am just catching up on my favorite blogs, and boy, this summer has sure had some whoppers to deal with for me too! But sounds like you've had quite the run of it. Here's hoping your man comes home soon and balance is restored :) I just love coming to your blog. It is so refreshing.

Karin said...

Yep, I hear ya! I've got a 3 year old like your 2 year old!! LOL

It's so good to know that I'm not the only one!

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