Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Transfering Seashells by the Seashore

A friend gave me these star fish plates. (Thank you Susan)
They screamed "Summer Camp" to me and so I passed them along to Cornerspring's Summer Camp program, along with the tongs. We quickly pulled this little beauty together! Isn't it lovely to look at?

Almost every person is drawn to it the moment they walk into the Practical Life area. But I have to say, it is a bit of a challenge. My Little One was too busy with play ground play to give it a try but for ME, it was a challenge!
Here is why:
Because the shells were cone shaped it made it especially hard to pick them up with tongs. I might have realized this if had I tried it BEFORE it was put it out.

So, although this work was certainly ascetically pleasing, I felt it was a bit too difficult for a 3-6 class. Perhaps if a different shape of shell was used it would allow even the youngest child to be successful while using it.
*MM NOTE: It's important to try out the works you create prior to putting them on the shelf.
Another transfer work idea: small sponge pieces!
Happy Summer Creating!


NJ Tracy Jean said...

It's so beautiful. How about changing it ever so slightly to a spooning work? You could use one of those teeny tiny sugar spoons they use in England for tea (often fancy kitchen stores have them) Or one of those little mustard spoons (I think they come from Montessori services or Montessori n Such).

Montessori Mama said...

Great idea NJ!
Thanks for the comment.

Lindart said...

I like the non-slip pads underneath - great idea for new children who haven't mastered the tray balancing yet!

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