Thursday, July 17, 2008

While the Wild One Napped...

While Little One napped I finished a pen and ink of small hands that have found a treasure.


amanda. said...

i LOVE This. will thisbe in your etsy shop?

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. These 'simple' drawings are often most eye-catching. You can really see skill with these types of drawings too.

Also, your rant? Makes me laugh that you would be concerned about being 'honest' with us. What mother doesn't have crazy days with her kids? We've had a few lately too.

Quick question for you: My 3-yr-old has just surprised us all with the ability to read, rationalise and remember all of our names on different days. She also remembers her toys' names after seeing them written down only once. For example, she'll say "That has an M, so that says 'Mummy'". She can also tell the difference between her name and her brother's name - both of which have the same number of letters and start with 'A'. I want to grab on to this interest with both hands while it's there, but am not sure where to go to find simple one-or-two-words-per-page story books for her. Any suggestions on a great way to help her move towards simple reading? I'm particularly after great resources, whether flash/picture card collections (I try to make my own but time is limited) and/or story books.

~ Cindy

PS: Sorry this was so long-winded.

Jennifer Howard said...

Dear Cindy,
No worries about a long note, there is plenty of space.
My first thought was "YES! How wonderful, an early reader!"
Next on to the "how to" support this new interest of your three year old daughter:
#1.) Bob Books
can be found on-line:

#2.) Mrs. Wishy Washy collection
enter the web link below and you will find everything you need!

Really ANY Joy Cowley books would be a wonderful addition to your home or classroom library. She is so wonderful!

#3.) Don't confuse your daughter's interest in reading with being ready for writing. These skills are very different, a push (however gentle) in the direction of writing before she is ready could result in disinterest with all of it. Nurture her new love by providing more materials to read and by READING TO HER EVERY DAY. Flash cards are not really my style; model a love of books (read every day, visit the local library, record her story ideas for her (draw illustrations to a story you create together)

Lastly, thank you for the compliments and for reading!
I hope this helped. Please ask any follow up questions you may have.

NJ Tracy Jean said...

So beautiful! I just love your artwork--you are so very talented. I don't envy you living in the baby world, tween world and teen world all at once BY YOURSELF!!!! Thank goodness your sweetie will be home soon and Montessori trained to boot. Will you be working together in the future?

Anonymous said...

Hi again :)

Firstly, thanks so much for your quick response. I already have the links open in background pages.

I'm not too keen on using flash cards often either, but I was just testing whether my daughter was remembering the few words she'd learned before I bought books, etc. She has about ten words she can read (in the rationalising sense of the word) and loves anything to do with the alphabet. (youtube is wonderful for various alphabet songs!)

You mentioned not pushing the writing - I'm not working on that at the moment, but she's looking at letters and writing them herself. She has most of the letters of her name figured out, and has even tried writing "Mummy" as well. My husband and I are often reading, and our daughter sees me getting work prepared (ie. she sees me writing, working with words and papers).

If you think of any other suggestions, please share. Do you have RSS feeds on your entries or comments? Would e-mailing be easier?

Now I'm off to check out those links! Thanks again :)

~ Cindy

amy turn sharp said...

gorgeous!!! Can I have a link to yr etsy shop babe?

MerrandaVK said...

This is so so beautiful and made my eyes tear up. Nothing is so sweet as the first of those "treasured flowers" gracing our table in a small vase every spring.

Jennifer Howard said...

Dear Amanda,
Yes, I would love to include this in my Etsy shop but right now I am having allot of trouble getting ANYTHING on my Etsy shop actually and I am very frustrated but it's summer and life is rolling along and I don't have much time to work on it.
Thank you (and everyone)for the compliments on this drawing!
I hope to be able to post on my blog again soon and will show you what I've been up to lately.

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