Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A bear named "Pooh"

Little One has become very fond of Winnie the Pooh lately, when he hears an noise he doesn't know he says with a tilt of his head, "Pooh?" and because he is in the middle of a growth cycle he is often hungry asking, "May I have more?" with his two chubby hands tapping one another again and again in the baby sign for "More". To me he is becoming a Pooh Bear. And when I snapped this photo on Easter morning my first thought was, Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh!
Oh what a blustery day!

"You're the best bear in ALL the world," said Christopher Robin "Am I?" said Pooh hopefully. And then he brightened up suddenly."Anyhow," he said, "it is nearly luncheon time." So home they went for it.

~~Love to you and all your forest animals


Melissa said...

O loves Pooh, too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your joy and discoveries in raising up kids.

I recently found your blog when I was searching online for art activities to do with my boys. Your sharing are very helpful! Thanks!


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