Monday, April 7, 2008

Upside down? BEAUTIFUL!

Sunset through the eyes of a teenager. I am continually being reminded to appreciate nature by my boys. I will admit I have been spending way too much time in doors lately. I am desperate for Spring to arrive and longing more and more for the warm breezes of summer to hurry up and replace these freezing winds. Today it is suppose to be 'warm' at 45 degrees. My sandals stare at me with anticipation. What's the weather like where you are?
Middle Man and Little One discovered just yesterday, the green tops of daffodils peeking through the patch of muddy snow I once remember as a flower garden. They called to me,
"Come see! Come see Mama! Spring!"
They shared with me, Hope and now I am hopeful. I really need to pay better attention, I walk by the 'flower garden' every day and I haven't noticed Spring coming, just the mud and ice mixture. It is true the child's eye can see far more than mine.

And so, I will try and remember Dr. Montessori's insightful and inspiring words:
"I live in heaven. My home is a sphere that turns around the sun. It is called Earth."
~~in peace


Evenspor said...

Still cold and snowy here too. There have been a few days that were warm enough to go outside and play for a little. We are anticipating kite-flying season.

Julie said...

83* today and 86* tomorrow. Hate me. :) BTW, I posted pictures of mortar & pestle...good work!

Julie said...

83* today and 86* tomorrow. Hate me. :) BTW, I posted pictures of mortar & pestle...good work!

Gail said...

Well right now we live in Bologna Italy, came here from Santa Cruz California. It's probably about 70 here, its deliciously green and springful. I am enjoying reading your blog, you inspire me to always be a teacher, even if I am a mama at home with her boy. Thank you.
Here I am in the land of Montessori and not a Montessori school in sight!

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful photo - its getting too cold here for our early morning bike ride and I am starting to wonder how to come up with indoors activities to replace the outdoors ones we do the rest of the year. I don't mind so much but the kids really suffer being stuck inside!

Mama J said...

It's snowy. It's sunny. It's snowy. It's sunny. Sometimes it snows when the sun is out. Spring in Montana can sometimes feel like a really bad case of PMS. Our "last frost" date is May 21, so the end is in sight. Until then, I'm enjoying the final days of laziness until the work of the garden begins. I love that photo, by the way!! Julie

plaidshoes said...

I love that photo! Here, it just rains all the time!

MerrandaVK said...

This is such a BEAUTIFUL photo. I have been checking your site out now for a while and wanted to comment that it's one of my favorites! I am going to be teaching at home in the fall and am loving the tips here!

Karin said...

Wow! Beautiful or what!! Just a gorgeous photo. Getting crisp here as we move into late Autumn. (Australia)

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