Thursday, April 24, 2008

Making Mandalas

Inspired by this PEACE Mandala, 'Middle Man' and I decided to create our own!
Using a throw-away DVD some company sent me in the mail, we traced the circle and planned our designs. (in the Montessori classroom the circle metal inset could be used)
'Middle Man' wanted to make "a hoop that weaves over and under the spokes".
I kept mine more traditional. 'Little One' got in on the action by coloring his own mandala from a Mandala coloring book we have. Later we water color painted the pre-made mandalas and hung them in the window. *MM note: Working with mandalas is an artist way to practice fractions.


writinggb said...

That sounds like fun! I've colored these but never tried making one. Have you ever tried making a tessellation? Challenging but also fun.

Anonymous said...

Another tip: use crayons to colour in the Mandala's, then 'paint' with vegetable oil. Looks great on the window, like stained glass!

adenia said...

love the mandala you posted in your blog... found it looking for some for my children to color in the classroom.

what is the original source. the jpg prints grainy.


Montessori Mama said...

Namaste Adenia!
Here is the only info I have
Original design by Sara Porter Saragraphics 1993
I hope this is helpful.

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