Thursday, April 17, 2008

Twinkle Toes: Art + Play

Today's Art+Play Activity: Painting with your feet or what some might call...
Messy Creative Chaos!
Either way it was lots of fun!

I shared Dr. S's Foot Book at Circle and sung "Everybody Knows I Love My Toes"
The look on the parent's faces when I said we would be painting with our feet was priceless!
Some looked excited and others...ah... not so was messy and for toddlers a bit slippery but there were no injuries and some fancy foot work created some very beautiful art!
I know I've said it before but it bares repeating, I LOVE Thursdays!


village mama said...

I think this fun activity should be mandatory for all the stressed out adults of the world.

Karin said...

I've been meaning to do this for so long! I think it's a priority now. :-)

Montessori Mama said...

I completely agree with you Village Mama! It was fun for the adults too.
Thanks for the comments!

jojoebi said...

I did this with my son when he was about 18mths old, it was at this point that my (very Japanese) husband declared that I was insane (finger painting isn't really done here, let alone feet) since then he hasn't batted an eye-lid at my so called crazy arty ideas....
I think we might do it again then compare his feet (sons) since I still have the last lot in his port folio. Thank you for reminding me about it.

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