Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pizza Anyone?

Today's Art+Play was a PIZZA Party! I lead the children to circle singing, "Walk around the pizza, walk around the pizza, walk around the pizza, until you find your slice." [their 'slice' being their carpet square] Next we read the book The Pizza We Made and decorated our own group pizza. The art project followed with each child decorating their own pizza inside a real pizza box.
personal pan pizza box from your favorite pizza place
the sauce: red paint mixed with school glue
the cheese: yellow paper shredded, red shredded paper for red onions
I also offered red and green paper for cutting into 'toppings'

This open ended art activity was fun and easy. The clean up was not involved (no brushes to wash). The children enjoyed being part of the cooking/creation process. If I had longer than one hour for this project I would have included the kids in the food preparation process more than I was able to.
In the Montessori classroom:
Food Preparation/nutrition/cooking is most effectively approached as part of or extension of the Practical Life curriculum and thus follows the same guidelines for preparation, set up and sequencing. Through the use of food prep activities, we can introduce the value of good nutrition, help the children gain control of the environment, increase practical life skills and nurture independence! Wow! Who knew so much could come from fixing a pizza?



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Julie said...

we made pizza. it was a hit! See my blog for pictures. thanks for yet another super idea.

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