Monday, April 21, 2008

Oink Oink, Buzz Buzz

Happy Earth Day!
This weekend we celebrated Earth Day by taking in the final performance of 'Middle Man's' play Winnie the Pooh...we're sad it's over, but it was fun while it lasted. He was a terrific Piglet. For his last performance I made a chocolate cake shaped like Pooh Bear for the cast party. The next day Middle Man and I made these Bee Hive Cookies (his idea) they turned out very tasty.

For our church's Earth Day Celebration the children acted out the Universe story. 'Taller Than Me' was asked to portray The Grim Reaper! He was allowed to fashion his own costume and made many people laugh when he entered dressed as Dick Cheney! (I apologize for offending anyone, I usually try to refrain from posting anything political) 'Middle Man' was a beaver, and 'Little One' a Yellow Jacket. Although 'Little One' refused to participate in the Earth Day play, he was cute in his Bee costume.

Today was a tea party (my favorite kind)! As a member of the Membership Development Committee, I helped to host the event and honestly, enjoyed every minute of it. There is just something about TEA that brings out the lovely in people, no matter what the age. This was a TEA for the Elders in our church community. To honor them and to get to know them better.
I especially enjoyed when one of the ladies told me,
"I haven't had this much fun in years!" and then added,
"I hope one day someone will make you tea and cookies for no reason at all."
This comment of course made me smile and think of Mother's Day Tea (a tradition in most Montessori classrooms). I will be posting some ideas about Mother's Day Tea soon!
So it was a busy weekend (and Monday) I look forward to slowing things down a bit.
I really appreciate all the lovely comments I've been getting. You all warm my heart so much, thank you! I try and answer them, but usually fail miserably.
I hope your Earth Day was spent enjoying the beauty of nature and your children.


Anonymous said...

Want to say thanks for your wonderful blog--you seem to accomplish so much, you are truly an inspiration to me.

Wondering if you have a good resource for montessori homeschool curriculi/programs.

village mama said...

these Bee Hive Cookies look so fun, and of course, yummy!

beachgirl said...

love the costumes

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