Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Special Slotted Spoon

When presenting this work, I emphasize the special slotted spoon. 'Slotted' is not a word most young children are familiar with. Leading up to this work they have become familiar with pasta strainers and sand sifters, and so the concept has been introduced. It has been my observation that when using this new and interesting spooning work, the children light up at the realization that the tool they are now using is the same as the bigger tools they have used in the sand box or water table.

Here plastic ice cubes float in colored water, waiting to be transferred from one bowl to the other and back again. The special child sized slotted spoon works it's magic and children get lost in the novelty of it. This is a favorite work in the 3-6 classrooms at Cornerspring. Easy to recreate at home too.
Materials needed:
plastic ice cubes ($store)
two small bowls
a sponge
a child sized slotted spoon
*I have never used the plastic ice cubes in a cold drink but I have enjoyed them in many spooning/water works.
Have fun and enjoy one another.


amy turn sharp said...

so cool!!!!

NSMOM said...

Okay, stupid question, but what is the sponge for?


Jennifer Howard said...

Maureen, there are no stupid questions. The sponge is for drips of colored water on the table. As the children transfer the ice cubes from one bowl to the other, occasionally drips happen; the sponge to tidy the table with (control of error).
Most practical life water works have small sponges included on the tray for this reason.
Thanks for the question, I'm sure you were not the only one who wondered.

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