Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!

Finally Winter has passed and Spring has sprung! Little One, like the Spring lamb he is, trotted here there and every where yesterday. He LOVED being in the wide open space and feeling the sun on his face.
Little One is almost two years old, born Mother's Day weekend, he is a Spring baby. I remember my Mother-in-law and husband taking Little One's big brothers to see the baby lambs (born the same day) while our new born and I lay snuggled up in our bed, exhausted from the work of being born and birthing. 'Middle Man' returned with more images of birth and stories to tell about lambs walking moments after they were born and Mama sheep licking their babies clean of the birthing fluids.
"Aren't you glad YOU didn't have to do THAT?!" he asked me.
And well, Yes, of course I was glad.
Little One was born at home in a birthing pool. It was a long labor with starts and stops over the course of three days. My water broke on Friday morning and he was born Monday morning. Many people (mostly my Mom and Dad who worried for me) thought I should be taken to a hospital, it was going on too long...but I knew at the hospital a C-section would take place and after going through that with 'Middle Man', I didn't want to go through it again.
I spent the weekend walking through Spring grass wearing a long loose dress, I walked the fields near our home with my husband and let the water flow from me, pausing to have a contraction or to rest leaning on my husband's body. Close friends visited, in hopes of being present for the big event, and were asked to leave kindly by my mid-wives. My two older boys were off at friends' homes waiting to be called home to meet their new sibling...Mother's Day came and my boys returned home to celebrate with me (and my still big belly). Monday morning they woke up to me in the birthing pool crying and swearing through the pain. 'Middle Man' sprung into action,
"What can I do?" he asked my mid-wives.
"You're job is to hold this glass of water and every time your Mama stops...well, swearing, offer her the straw so she can take a drink." Donna lovingly instructed.
"Okay!" he said with enthusiasm and excitement, un-phased by my swearing and ready for action with a purpose. 'Taller Than Me' entered the living room with less enthusiasm and heavy with fear. It felt it like a wave, hitting me in the chest, startling me into recognition that now my boys were watching. I felt powerless but soon realized that I was in fact more powerful than I had ever been in my life. I focused on my husband's shoulders and once again leaned on him for support. My Mother-in-law (a Mom to only one, born of c-section) watched with admiration she later told me. My mid-wives were silently supportive, knowing instinctually what I needed and when to speak to me.
We were a team the eight of us, and finally Little One was born into the water like a river otter, my husband caught him and brought him to me. He didn't cry, he stretched and blinked and floated with me in the water cradled in my arms, voicing only sweet whimpers until we left the birthing pool. (Here is a drawing I made from a photo of the moment.)
Now he runs here there and every where and soon he will be two. Time has gone by so quickly these past two years. I know everyone says that and these early years can be like a blur. But honestly looking at this drawing, it feels like only moments have passed.
'Taller Than Me' wants to start Drivers Ed! Almost 16 years ago he was just born during a thunder and lightening storm to teenage parents. Becoming his mother defined me.
Becoming 'Middle Man's' mother showed me just how strong I could be, after weeks in the ICU, he came home and taught me what parenting really meant.
'Little One' came when I thought my pregnancy days were long gone, when I had surrendered to the idea of being a mother of two. Now three seems like the number that was meant to be.

I'm not sure where any of this deeply personal sharing is coming from this morning, I just started typing and this is what was born.
Peace to you and your beautiful children. Enjoy all the moments.


poopsy said...

What a sweet birth story. Thanks.

Shannon said...

beautiful story, beautiful birth, beautiful you.

thank you. happy spring and happy birthdays to come!

Melissa said...

What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it!

Marianne said...

What a great birth story. Have fun with your cutie!

Montessori Mama said...

I'm happy you all enjoyed my story.
I'd love hearing other Mama's birth stories. They are all so special and unique, just like the babies that are born.
In loving peace

village mama said...

gorgeous post - your hand drawn picture is so joyful

amanda. said...

so so so incredibly beautiful. how wonderful that you listened to your own body, your own heart; how you knew your body Knew how to birth your Little One. pregnancy & birth is such a state of Health & i wish our country would respect that more.

my littlest turned 8 months old this weekend & boy, if i'm not already nostalgic!

plaidshoes said...

Thank you for sharing. I love birth stories. I have found that with each of mine, their stories are so very much their own. I love the drawing!

Abi-g said...

wowsers, incredible. the whole of it. I am in love with that lovely, perfect drawing. what a gift.

Montessori Mama said...

You are all so sweet!
I enjoy hearing birth stories too. Send me yours or a link to your blog. I would love to hear about your very special day.

Mama J said...

Wonderful story--I LOVE the drawing! You have such a gift for capturing raw emotion in such a simple way. Thank you for sharing such a personal part of yourself! Julie

danielle-laryn said...

although is have gone the complete opposite of you in my own birth eperiences (3 also), and would never want a home birth (i am too fearful!!) i found your birth story so moving and beautiful!

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