Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sidewalk Chalk (not limited to sidewalks)

Looking forward to days like this returning.
At Cornerspring Montessori we are fortunate to have only a small space that is asphalt, the rest of the play yard is grass, garden and some wood chips (wonderful climbing structures, slides, swings also) but the reason for this post is to share this photo.
Creative Expression! Many small hands worked together to create this masterpiece on a sunny afternoon. It made me smile when I saw it and so I share it with you.
The world is a child's canvas, it starts with yogurt on a high chair tray and bath tub soap suds leads to sidewalks and sliding glass doors....and eventually to a real canvas.

While walking into the grocery store this weekend 'Middle One' noticed that when the concert sidewalk was poured (however long ago) a leaf had gotten stuck in the cement. It's impression left behind for him to find. I, of course, have walked over the leaf's image many times for sure, never noticing it. "Isn't it beautiful?" he asked no-one in particular.

"It is the child who shows us the extraordinary in the ordinary."~~Jean Grasso Fitzpatrick

When I took this photo I remember one of the small artists asking me what I thought it was a picture of. I said I wasn't sure, that to me it was 'abstract'. Her response,
"It's NOT abstract Jennifer. It's ART".
PS For those of you in other parts of the country/world with Spring, enjoy chalk today for me.


plaidshoes said...

I love what that child said! So true that it is obviously art ;-)
I find that whenever I break out the sidewalk chalk, happiness and creativity immediately ensue.

Melissa said...

We have Spring, but no concrete or chalk :(

manitos a la obra........ said...

Estoy encantada con encontrar a una persona que gusta lo Montessori como yo...espero seguir visitandote ..saludos y cariƱos..Ginita

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