Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another 7 Favorite Blogs

Here is another list of some my favorite blogs. I have so much admiration for people who share of themselves with the world. It's such a gift to connect with so many interesting and talented people simply by moving and clicking a computer mouse about.

Here is this month's list and the reasons why I think you should check them out also:

Everyday Unitarian: If only we lived closer! Some Sundays I don't actually pull it together and go to church but thanks to this spiritual Mama I can stop by her blog instead. I've always felt living the seven principles of the UU faith to be a tall order; this talented and prophetic writer challenges me to live the principles and to examine the way I take care of our earth, raise my family and voice my concerns and opinions. With grace and humor she informs and makes me aware. I am so thankful for her.

Doobleh-vay: This lady knows how to write! This mom of three, entertains and inspires me weekly. Check her out when you want to test your song lyric skills or learn how to make fabulous shadow puppets. She makes me smile every time.

The Write Start: Being that I am a visual learner this Mom's photos delight and impress me. She has such a gift and lucky for us she shares it with the world. Creative ideas and (did I mention) beautiful photos? (Honestly, I have dial up and I wait for them to load). She's clever AND crafty, such a wonderful combination!

A Bit of This and That
: On the other side of the world there lives a Mama after my own heart. She is most certainly a kindred spirit and every week I learn something new when I stop by to visit. Her little boy is oh so photogenic and bright! She even has Montessori materials she has created for sale. A Must See!

Walk Beside Me
: This artist and devoted Mama of one, shares about her adventures in homeschooling using the Montessori method. She creates most of the materials her son uses and motivates me to think creatively.

Mama's Village
: Do you like pizza? Organic food recipes? This urban Mama loves to share her amazing food creations and stories, so it's time to pay her a visit. For some reason I am unable to leave her messages! I don't know why but it never works :(
I hope she reads this and knows how much I enjoy her blog.

The Artful Parent:
Every time I read this amazing Mama's blog I feel like bowing and saying, "I'm not worthy" she is AMAZING! Did I say that already? You'll be so happy you paid her a visit. As a writer for many parenting magazines, the leader of a toddler art group and as an artist herself, how she has time for writing this blog is beyond me. But I'm so glad you do Jean, thank you!

Well, there you have it another list of favorites...I will post another set when time allows me in July because there ARE so many other great ones out there!
I had a lovely day today. I hope you all did too. I shared a celebratory end of the year lunch out with my fellow Cornerspring Montessori teachers and I spent some time with my two younger boys creating a father's day gift for Montessori Papa. (he sometimes reads this, so I will share after Sunday).


amy t sharp said...

Wow~ what an honor my dear! I am so smiling ear to ear and blushing... I have only two kids- are you trying to get me knocked up again :) hah!!! xoxoxox
I love these other blogs too so much!

Evenspor said...

Thanks for the link. Now you've motivated me to write more again to live up to it.

I was thinking about you justthis morning, wondering how your books were doing, how your nest building is going and whether you are ever going to sell me that print. ;)

plaidshoes said...

Wow, you made me teary! Like evenspor, now I am more motivated to get back to blogging more consistently. It is such a compliment coming from you, I so look forward to reading your blog everyday!

jojoebi said...

Thank you, such kind words. It is a shame we have a world between us, I would love to meet up in real life for a cuppa and a chat :o)

Montessori Mama said...

Amy I'm sorry! I'll make an adjustment right away.
Thanks for reading ladies.
You all rock!
Father's Day is coming up....any suggestions? Please post your ideas I'll check your blogs.

The Artful Parent said...

Thanks Jennifer! I'm sitting up straighter as I write this. :) -Jean

jojoebi said...

Re:fathers day, we just 'made' an arty hankie, I have just posted about it.

village mama said...

I've got goose bumps and the bashful giggles - here I am trying to catch up on all your fabulous writing, and inspiring projects and photos, and you say such nice things about me. WOW. Thank you so very much. It means so much that someone as creative and giving as you is inspired by me.

Wonder what the comment glitch is??


Karin said...

I can't wait to have a look at all the blogs!

OTJenH said...

A BIG and belated "Thank You" for your kind words about my blog. Thank you also for visiting and sharing your insightfull comments. And one more thanks -- thank you for all of the ideas and inspiration you share on your blog. I love to visit here. It very often helps to point my day in the right direction. What a gift!

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