Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Solstice!

"I told the Sun that I was glad, I'm sure I don't know why; Somehow the pleasant way he had Of shining in the sky, Just put a notion in my head That wouldn't it be fun If, walking on the hill, I said "I'm happy" to the Sun."
~John Drinkwater, "The Sun"

Last night's Solstice Celebration didn't go exactly as I had was raining. Oh well. We need rain, and without it we would not appreciate the Sun!:)
So how do you celebrate Summer Solstice?
The following is a list of ideas of ways to celebrate Summer Solstice with your families:
(I collected these ideas from various sources over the years, forgive me for not giving credit where credit is due!)
  • Have a Summer Solstice potluck dinner or lunch that features seasonal fruits and veggies and dishes that are the color or shape of the sun.
  • Sing: "This Little Light of Mine"
  • Watch the sun set with your family in silence, invite your children to paint or draw the sunset with you.
  • Sleep outside!
  • Eat outside (but of course)
  • Take a Nature Walk~stop to study the plants and flowers in bloom. Notice the shapes, colors, and textures.
  • Do the yoga "Salute to the Sun"
  • Shoot off fireworks (or light sparklers which is tamer :)
  • Make sun catchers with colored cellophane.
  • Fill a jar with yellow and orange marbles and water, ask your children to pick wild flowers to put in the jar; this vase will grace your table.
  • Fill your bird feeders
  • If possible: take a walk along the beach.
  • Build a bonfire at sunset and dance all around it!
  • Use sidewalk chalk.
  • Create paper plate mandalas.
  • Use only candles to light your evening activities
  • Make your own Sun symbols like wreaths, spheres, disks, medallions or mandalas, using readily available materials such as gold foil, yellow, orange, white, and gold ribbons, flowers, herbs, fabric, paper, and/or pipe cleaners.
  • Research the sun-reverencing peoples of our world by joining in their prayer (this is a nice way to include a geography lesson).
  • Mow the lawn for someone in your neighborhood who can't do it themselves
  • Cook your best dish and give it to an overworked mother with young children....if this is YOU, ask your children to cook dinner for you tonight! (*with another adult's help).
  • Play music or sing for someone in need of visitors
  • Make a specific resolution for tomorrow...
  • Make a salad sprinkled with edible flowers
  • Are there any berries ripe where you are? Go berry picking!
  • Hike a hill to be closer to the Sun!
  • Lie in the sun. Close your eyes, relax your muscles one by one, and feel the healing rays of the Sun *USE SUNSCREEN!
  • Play a game outside!
  • Play They Might Be Giant's song: "Why Does the Sun Shine?"
  • Teach your children the words to the Beatles' song: "Here Comes the Sun"
  • Create a spiral using the Montessori red rods and walk it with bare feet!
So there you have my Summer Solstice Celebration List (a day late!)
Please share your ideas with me.
Blessed Be Our Glorious Sun!
Montessori Mama


plaidshoes said...

How do you come up with all these great ideas! ;-)

Montessori Mama said...

Many ideas on this list came from In Nature's Honor; Myths and Rituals Celebrating the Earth, by Patricia Montley. The others are from me :)
Thanks for the comment.
Happy Solstice

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