Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When You're Two Everything is New

Rain puddles, slugs, day lily flowers, ice cream cones, sandbox adventuring, the ocean's waves tickling your toes, throwing a ball, spreading pizza sauce and tearing lettuce leaves, rainbow colored Duplo blocks that fit together....

Here Little One discovers a slug.
I believe children are spiritual beings who can bring us adults to that joyous place of wonder.
IF we pay attention that is. It is very easy to get lost in the stresses of our adult lives, isn't it?

"Wonder is an exceedingly important stimulus for the human spirit. It can arise only from an attentive observation of reality. Education to wonder is correlative with an education that helps us to go always more deeply into reality. If we skim over things we will never be surprised by them. Wonder is not an emotion of superficial people; it strikes root only in the person whose mind is able to settle and rest in things; in the person who is capable of stopping and looking." Sofia Cavalletti

And so a small orange/brownish slug that I might have stepped over (or possibly accidentally stepped on) became a catalyst of my education.

"Pause a while, ponder a moment and then begin again." ~ my Mama used to say
What will your children teach you today?


rock and roll mama said...

Wonderful post. My two year old and 4 year old spent some time examining a slug the other day...I never noticed how gorgeous their slimy silver trails are. We are a Montessori family in Maryland, and I really enjoy your blog.
Take care, Lindsay

Shannon said...

I am going to try and remember those words from your mama.

Montessori Mama said...

Hi Lindsay, thanks for stopping by and for saying hi.

My Mama was a wise woman with way too much on her plate. She wrote this saying down and framed it. It hung in our kitchen for years. Recently she gave it to me. I try every day to follow these words...
pause a while, ponder a moment and then begin again....
interestingly enough it is the 'pausing' I find the biggest challenge. Who has time to pause?!
Thanks for your comment.

plaidshoes said...

So well said. My kids are constant reminders to slow down and find the joy in life, in the moment.

writinggb said...

Have you ever seen one of those banana slugs in the Pacific Northwest. EEGHADS, now THAT'S a slug!!

Thimbleina said...

So thought provoking. I learn something new everyday with two under 5, it really makes you look at life in a new light

Sadaf Trimarchi said...

"What will your children teach you today?"

Such a great thought. And it so perfectly captures those fleeting moments of childhood that make all the struggles worthwhile. Thank you for the reminder.


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