Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hi Everyone,
As you may have observed, my blog is having some technical difficulties and it is very annoying for me. I am working it out but not without stomping away from the desk in total frustration, several times now.
I hope to get it all worked out soon.
Wish me luck.
PEACE to all of you,
as always thank you for visiting me.
Montessori Mama


Thimbleina said...

Good Luck with the blog I thought it was something I'd done when it came up with a popup when I came on the blog

Laura said...

Sorry about your difficulties. Have you ever considered switching over to Typepad? Just a thought. I haven't had any problems with it. And you can respond to everyone through email which is nice.

Susan Y. Dyer said...

Same is happening with me - Sometimes I write posts and then blogger says it can not post them due to difficulties - it can be frustrating and time consuming - but imagine being a Victorian woman writer traveling through Russia in the mid-1880's and you can't write in your journal because the ink in your well is frozen. It's a writer's life.

Susan Dyer
The Moveable Alphabet

Jasmine said...

Despite your frusrations your blog is always beautiful.
And,Thank you so much for your kind gift. The kids and I all choose an affirmation each morning at breakfast. It was so nice to get a little present in the mail just because!

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