Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Classroom Affirmations

My end of the year gifts to teachers are complete! Phew, finished and ready to be wrapped then delivered. I made each teacher a 25 card set of Affirmations to share with their future students at morning circle (or whenever).

Together Middle Man and I thought up the sentences and I encourage you to write your own with your children. That, on it's own, was a creative and learning experience for us both.
I brought a set with me to church this weekend and even the older children (ages 11-14) wanted to pick one and seemed to enjoy sharing with the others the card they chose. It's fun and a nice was to connect as a group.

I am selling these sets with bowl/dish for $20 locally. If you live in the area and would like to purchase a set please contact me via email spirals@gwi.net if you want to buy a set and do not live locally still contact me and HOPEFULLY I can get paypal up and running and complete some order requests.

But, I will say this is an easy project to do on your own and with your children; I encourage you to try it yourself and enjoy the process most of all.
Montessori Mama


Laura said...

That's a great idea.........really beautiful background painting too. I LOVE your blog AND your artwork. Thanks for sharing yourself.

Shannon said...

I started doing this a long time ago, when I very first encountered your blog. I love it! Thanks for the idea and inspiration. In fact, just yesterday I posted a picture of our breakfast table, and I thought of you as I took the pic because you can say some of our cards in the centerpiece. We have an assortment of affirmations and blessings.

writinggb said...

Great idea! Affirmations are really important.

Thanks again, by the way, for sparking me to get the teacher gifts done. My son created a lovely book for his lead teacher, a tour guide to our city for his other teacher, and a hand-decorated travel bag filled with maps for his other teacher. It was so nice to see him put the thought and energy into the gifts.

NJ Tracy Jean said...

Beautiful! Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog since discovering it this winter. Thanks for the great ideas..I've used several. The best was singing "go now in peace" to the children before releasing them to their parents each day. I had forgotten that sweet song. It made such a peaceful end to dismissal which is typically the most chaotic part of the day. Really helped center me and helped me appreciate all my little people. At our graduation we closed our ceremony with the children singing their families out with that song. There were many "happy tears of joy". Thanks again for your inspiration and sharing!

Mano said...


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