Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Hat Day! ART+PLAY

With only one more Art+Play class left before we break for summer, today was ton o' fun. We made paper bag hats! Using paper shopping bags we decorated them with pom-poms, pipe cleaner curls, ribbon, and colored paper. Some were more extravagant than others but everyone left with a very fun funky hat. I think the parents may have enjoyed this project even more than the kids! I can't believe Art+Play is almost over. I am going to miss these kids so much and their parents. I've enjoyed playing and creating with them but most of connecting. Being a parent can be lonely at times, we worry if we are doing well, if we will ever be able to finish a sentence again, if in gaining this amazing person (people) if the part of us we loose will ever resurface? A deep reflection maybe, but connecting with other parents of young children, even ones you only see once a week for an hour, is so important for one's sense of self.
I hope you are able to finish a thought today. It took me over an hour to post this! While typing the following happened:
I changed a poopy diaper, made a cup of tea, made two lunches to go,
I finally got my oldest son to add his contribution to Dad's father's day gift before he caught the bus, my husband came home from work (yes, at 6:30AM) and went to bed, I helped Middle Man with his science homework, unclogged a temperamental toilet, drank 1/4 of my now cold tea, un-stuck an unfortunate toddler from under the dinning table where he found himself stuck and screaming, looked up the weather report on line to know what Middle Man should wear for school because even though his bus doesn't come for another hour he is SO excited about school today that he wanted to be dressed and ready to go....
let's see I imagine more than that happened but that's what isn't a blur. Did I mention I only had a 1/4 of my cup of tea? Now it's 7:06am....I hope you get to finish a HOT full cup of whatever gets you going this morning. The point of this post was to share how much I appreciate connecting with other parents...


writinggb said...

I'll have to remember that one for next year's crazy hat day at my son's school!

amy t sharp said...

yr hair is so lovely!!!

Montessori Mama said...

Oh Amy, I adore you! Many thanks.
The woman wearing the paper bag hat is my dear friend Jessie, not me. But I agree SHE does have lovely locks.

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