Monday, June 9, 2008

Eye dropper transfer

Here's a little something I cooked up for a five year old friend of mine. Some of you may remember this dino suction cup dollar store find from the marble transfer work. Well here he is again this time holding drops of colored water.

*NOTE: there is WAY too much water in the vase. My little friend helped me mix the colored water and he preferred it that high, and because he was part of the process (creating this work) I honored his idea that this was the amount of water he would need to fill the suction cups. When the work was complete and all the suction cups full, he said to me, "I didn't need that much water."

This practical life activity is one of my favorites for the five year old child. *It takes great amounts of concentration and fine motor skill.
Preparation activities: Baster, other works were trasfering liquid takes place.

Materials needed
soap pad (used here a dino shaped one but not at all necessary)
eye dropper
small vase or vessel for holding water
colored water
sponge (*the sponge would usually accompany the work on the tray, I offered a sponge to my young friend off camera)

Have fun and enjoy!


NJ Tracy Jean said...

This reminds me of a beautiful work I saw at the AMS meeting this spring and have been kicking myself for not buying ever since. Basically they had a template with an acrylic piece on top. on the template was a series of quarter sized circles arranged in a clock like pattern. In each circle were 4 small circles sized to hold exactly one drop of water. The first was 4 yellow drops;next-3 yellow 1 red next2 yellow 2red and so forth all the way around with primary colors. The idea was to put the appropriate drops of colored H2O in each circle, then mix the 4 drops in each circle with a toothpick. When each was mixed you plce a coffee filter or paper towel on and let it absorb all the colors and voila: you make the color wheel. Beautiful process AND product. Maybe now that it's summer I can figure out how to do it on my computer-or get one of my kids to do it. Unless of course some savvy reader knows where this work came from.

Montessori Mama said...

I saw that work also! I didn't get it either but thought I should have. I'm going to look into creating it and will post when/if I pull it together. Thanks for the great comments.

Evenspor said...

I had a great idea this week for these works where you've been using the soap dish with the suction cups, because I haven't been able to find anything like that. I realized that I have a whole ton of contact lens cases laying around, because when you wear contacts, they come free with everything, so they accumulate. I was thinking that several contact lens cases super glued together might work well for any work that requires a bunch of little spaces.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy Jean,

I'm kicking myself for the exact same thing! I found this post because I was looking for it. Are you going to the conference this year? If yes and you see the item, can you post it here? (If I remember correctly, it was the same booth that they were selling a lot of dice of all different shapes.) Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone,

I found the color wheel!

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