Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reflection Cards

My Aunt Elizabeth inspired this idea...
For her birthday I gave her a set of the Reflection Cards I make. She has been sharing with me (via email) the words she has chosen. This gave me the idea to chose a card from my own set and to share it with all of you.
Today's word was:
Montessori Mama


Anonymous said...

As you know, I love your blog. In fact, it was a big inspiration for me in starting my own. I love your watercolors and would love to start dabbling in that medium a little bit myself. Do you have any advice for me about materials I need? Do you just use watercolor paper? What paints do you use? Of course, we have the little crayola ones for the boys, but I didn't know if I needed something different. Also, what brushes? Sorry to be so dense and needy. I appreciate your help, however.

Jennifer Howard said...

Thank you Laura!
The paints and brushes are not as important as the quality of the paper. Crayola paints work just fine if that's what you have. The # paper is important though. I use cold press water color paper (Canson) or whatever brand is on sale. The brushes...hmmm...
I love my Winsor & Newton #4 round brush, but again the brush is not as important. What IS important is that you have fun! I paint to relax. I love color and the feel of watercolor paint. It's about the process. By the way you don't at all sound dense or needy my dear! I appreciate your comments and questions!
As I've said before I was raised in an artistic household and 'how to' lessons were plentiful, however I did take a watercolor painting class when I turned 30. It was birthday gift and since then I've painted almost every day.
Sometimes investing in expensive brushes and paper will do that for a person; turn a hobby into a passion. ;)
I can't wait to see what you create!

Anonymous said...

I love the beauty of your work. Makes me want to touch these, feel the paper. I really ought to try making some of my own. I used to really enjoy art projects...

amanda. said...

i absolutely love this!!!

Suzanne said...

How pretty!!! I just love to get gifts from the heart like this--your Aunt must be tickled to get this from you:-)

beachgirl said...

My Jennifer,

I have put my reflection cards in a place that easily catches my attention. The best part of choosing my word for the day is that as I pick up my card, my first reflection is of you!

So yes Suzanne, I am tickled pink and every color of the rainbow as I am blessed to have such a beautiful niece who does everything with a full heart.

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