Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gluing Buttons

The back of this watercolor doodle got tea spilled on it sooo...
I gave it to Little One to decorate with buttons. He had a blast!
Surprisingly (unlike the blue playdough) not one button went in his mouth. I was so happy. I watched over him very carefully and helped him with dispensing the glue. My only regret, not enough buttons! This activity could have lasted much longer if I had had more buttons or bottle caps or something else for him to glue down.
Happy Tuesday!
Montessori Mama


Thimbleina said...

My 2 year old always seems to eat the playdough, it perhaps needs to be saltiernext time I make it!

Shannon said...

this is cute. we have done so little of this type of work lately. today is a rainy day, so maybe its time for me to log off and pay some attention to this child!

Evenspor said...

My son loves gluing buttons too. I first tried it when he was around the same age your little one is now. I thought a collage type project would be fun, but he wasn't getting into it at all. I had the inspiration to bring out the buttons, and he immediately bcame interested. Ever since gluing buttons has been one of his favorite crafts.

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