Thursday, February 7, 2008

Art & Play : Potato Prints

Hello All,
Here is today's Art & Play project for those of you who couldn't make the class due to snow, you can easily do this one at home: Potato prints!

Materials needed:
  • large baking potatoes
  • tempera paints
  • paper plate or recycled container to hold paint
  • paper
  • kitchen knife (for parent use only)
  • metal cookie cutters
Cut your potatoes in half width-wise. The raw surface will be the stamp.
Press a small cookie cutter into the potato and gently cut away background.
Dip potato stamps into paint and print them on paper.

My 3rd grader and I are going to make Valentines this afternoon from these, I'll let you know how they turn out.
*Obviously if you prefer to draw and cut your own design or image, go for it. The cookie cutters worked and were easy from me to make the several stamps needed for the art group. Try stamping on colored paper, mixing paints, overlap images, or printing on clothing with fabric paints! Most of all have fun and enjoy your time together.

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Melissa said...

Oooh! This looks like fun!

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