Sunday, February 24, 2008

Baby Goats! And Mama Grumbling...

Our neighbor's goats have given birth and now each day we drive by, we slow down to take a peek. Yesterday they were out and about! My Little One assumes, because of their markings, that the goats are cows and was Moo-ing to them while I snapped some photos. My nine year old wants to adopt one and raise it in our home
"you know like the cats" he said :)
I think two cats is more than enough personally since last night one of my felines woke me at 3:30am because she was hungry. Grrr....what would a goat do?
So on to my grumbling,
it's only 11am and already today I have edited my oldest son's Che Guevara paper and assisted with his Che Guevara poster, done three loads of laundry, made French toast, changed three diapers, given a yogurt covered toddler a bath, helped my nine year old pick up an entire rubber-made tote full of Legos that "accidentally spilled"before above mentioned toddler could eat them, vacuumed up rice cake pieces and gold fish also "accidentally" spilled before they could be ground into the living room carpet by yep, you guessed it: Little One, and addressed 15 envelopes for work! Phew...did I mention my husband is working and it is day seven of February vacation? Enough grumbling....
Any-who, I thought some of you would like to see these beautiful babies and feel hopeful about Spring coming. And I hope YOU are enjoying your Sunday, your family and maybe hot chocolate...mmmm...sounds good, don't mind if I do.


PlanningQueen said...

They are so cute. I managed to bring a stray goat home when I was a child. I cried when its owner came to collect him, so I Can empathise with your 9 year old.

Shannon said...

very, very cute.

goats are tempting to me as well, but, like you, we have enough people, and animals, and things to care for around here. this morning my little one said, "don't take care of breakfast, take care of meeeeeeeee"

Sadaf Trimarchi said...

very cute! The little ones look like my son's favorite cuddly (who is a cow)...a black and white Moo.

That sounds like an incredibly busy morning! Glad you're still here to post!


writinggb said...

AHHH, yes, sounds just like February vacation. All the moms I know had big grins on their faces this Monday. We love or kids...but jeez, they take a lot of energy!!

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