Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Red Bin Discoveries

Remember the red bin I borrowed from my friend Paula? This weekend we filled it with sand and then water! Little One LOVED both of these new sensorial experiences and obviously got "into" his learning. Apparently the bin is too big? Using a wooden spoon he filled and dumped his blue strainer. I took a dozen photos before he notice me. It was very a very peaceful experience for him.

For water exploration I put the bin up on a low table and my nine year old joined in on the fun. Thankfully, Little One did not take a swim. This little blue strainer was a such find! I discovered it at Rite Aid for $1!!! Montessori on a budget after all.
(Please forgive me if I have posted about the strainer before, I adore it and so does Little One)
With water play I offered natural sponges, bottles to fill and pour, and a clear measuring cup with a handle. Big brother had fun entertaining his little brother, pouring water from up high into the strainer only to have it splash up the sides and into his brother's face. I quickly redirected this behavior. Everybody loves a clown, except an almost two year old who just got water splashed in his face.
Tune in next time to see what else fills up the "Red Bin".
Take care

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