Thursday, February 7, 2008

Be My Valentine?

Here is a somewhat tricky tweezing work for small hands to try. Red pom-poms, chop sticks, a recycled chocolate container and a heart shaped dish make this Practical Life work complete.
My favorite question with this work is:

"Where did all the chocolates go?"

Kids are so smart.

*Note: to make this activity easier for young threes, a spoon or another tool could be used in place of the chop sticks.


plaidshoes said...

That would have been my first question ;-). Then I would sit and think about how soon I would be able to get some chocolate of my own. I keep meaning to mention how much I like how topical/seasonal your projects are!

Shannon said...

Where do you find the great child friendly chopsticks you are using in this post? We would love these for our 3 yo!

Thanks for the help!

Montessori Mama said...

Answer: I'm not exactly sure where these particular chopsticks came from BUT you can purchase similar ones at Montessori Services. They are called Quick Sticks and cost $3.75 a pair.
Happy shopping! thanks for the comment.
Hit the link below to find Quick sticks:

Where in the World?


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