Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Flower Arranging

Flower Arranging: Practical Life Activity

I purchased these cloth flowers (@ ACMOORE) then cut the bottoms, I taped them to prevent Little One from getting hurt by the exposed metal and also to accentuate the bottom of the stems, making them more visible when he attempts to put them into the vase. The vases are a collection of yard sale finds and one old vitamin bottle. The flowers are held in a shallow basket, the vases on a tray. These items could be presented on one tray, in a 3-6 classroom, however when working with a toddler I recommend this be a stationary work over a carpeted floor (if possible) to prevent the possibility of the glass breaking.

With Toddlers (or first lesson): Use just one flower for each vase, one red, one orange, one yellow. Follow with a three period lesson to identify colors.
In a 3-6 classroom: Using different colored flowers as I have done here this could be presented as a sorting work also.
In a 3-6 classroom: Use real flowers and add a water pouring component.

Enjoy and have fun! Spring is on the way, having bright flowers (either paper or cloth or the real deal) is a beautiful way to brighten your classroom during these late winter months. Bring the Natural World inside.


plaidshoes said...

Flower arranging is always one of the most popular activities at our school. They are always so proud of their beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

flower arranging seems like a fun hobby to acquire.

Shannon said...

I picked up some flowers at the thrift store yesterday to do this, but Desi gets so sad when i talk about cutting them up to do this. he says, "NOOOOOOO I want em in just one" lol

Melissa said...

I love this! I bought some flowers today, so we can try this tomorrow. Thanks!!!

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