Thursday, February 21, 2008

My February Ten

Inspired by Soule Mama I am fighting the February blaughs with a list of ten things that bring me joy during this dreary winter month. And all of You are invited to do the same.
Here goes...

1.) Trips to the public library, visiting with Jane Thomas our children's librarian who nurtures my middle son's love for books. Everything from the train table to water bubbler fascinate my Little One, pushing the elevator button and the fish tank are his two most favorite parts about the whole experience. And they have BOOKS too!

2.) This blue tunnel I purchased years ago. (I think his expression says it all).

3.) Colored glass jars with lids.

4.) When my oldest son plays his guitar.

5.) Red "works".

6.) When my Mom calls just to say she loves me. (Thanks Mom)

7.) Waiting to hear if Maria Mouse will become a REAL book...anticipation.

8.) My spiral chalice, UU church services (especially the maple syrup service) working with the children's program and our FABULOUS new RE Director Danielle. (okay, that's more than one)

9.) Hot Chocolate with whipped cream (is there another way?) in my favorite mug.

10.) My BLOG. It makes me happy. And all of you who read and comment and share with me, you make my February more beautiful. Thank you.

So, what are YOUR February Ten? Please share.


writinggb said...

A fellow UU! Cool.

My ten Feb. faves:

1. Snow. (I grew up in CA and still think snow is miraculous.)

2. Reading a good book under warm covers.

3. Watching the lunar eclipse with my son (see my blog today!)

4. Warm, soft Westie dog on my lap.

5. Digital cameras... really the coolest tech invention in a long time.

6. Reading The Lorax to kids at my UU chruch next Sunday as a part of our "to Nature we are connected" programming.

7. Snowshoeing. How COOL is that??

8. Twinkly white lights on our bush that I haven't had the heart to take down yet from Christmas.

9. My son still giving me hugs and blowing me kisses though he's already ten (how did the time go by so fast?)

10. Banana bread. It's just yummy.

Montessori Mama said...

Thank you for sharing I love your list.
Banana bread IS yummy!

Mama J said...

Thank you for the assignment--I had checked into Soulemama's blog during her 30 days of photos, so I didn't fully understand how great it is!! It's just what I needed to help bring my focus back to the good on a not-so-good day. :-)

Hyperher said...

I'm borrowing this for my blog, if you don't mind.

Jocelyn said...

think the February ten is right up my alley:

1. Blogger.

2. Snuggling under warm blankets with Marley.

3. A car that has finally warmed up to the point that I can blast the heat.

4. My bathrobe and slippers at night.

5. Two obnoxious beagles that keep my feet warm and my face clean.

6. The warmth of the oven when I take out a batch of oatmeal cookies.

7. Very happy that I no longer live in snow country. Although 11,600 feet was fun in my twenties the coast of NC is more my pace in my 30's.

8. Bundling up and taking Marley for walks in her stoller.

9. My sweaters. I have a few that I just love to wear!

10. The Febraury 10 that I will steal and post on my blogger page in hopes that the author does not mind.

MishaLee said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my Montessori Love post. I am thankful for Montessori moms & educators like you who have helped me bring a bit of the classroom expirence home.
Love your ten...espcially #9.

plaidshoes said...

Why does Feb. always seem the longest month! ;-)

I don't know if I have ten, but here are some:

1. Snow days!!! Especially watching my youngest put his snow bootes on with his jammies.

2. A good book (I would agree with the library, but since I have constant fines, it is a little stressful to hear the whole amount!).

3. Chili in the slow cooker

4. Fire in the fireplace and picnics in the living room.

5. Hot chocolate with marshmallows (if we had whipped cream - I would totally use that!).

6. Seeing your Maria Mouse book - you really keep me inspiried about Montessori. I really hope it gets published.

7. Reading UU blogs - it is very reassuring to see other religious liberals out there.

8. Seeing snow and feeling that global warming hasn't completely won, yet.

9. Flannel sheets

10. My husband making waffles on Saturdays

I made ten! Yeah! Thank you for keeping us all thinking positive.

Montessori Mama said...

I love this!
Thanks for leaving your ten everybody. I like February even better now.

Sadaf Trimarchi said...

So lovely! What a great idea. I might have to follow suit. The latter half of this month is really dragging for me.

Now, a question - on the "red works" picture. Is that a silpat liner on the bottom of the heart mold? With cutouts no less?

Great pics, as always.


amy t sharp said...

Maria Mouse looks like a winner!!!! i will buy a copy
fingers crossed
so hard
xo amy

Montessori Mama said...

To answer Sadaf's RED WORK question:
It is not a silpat but rather an old Valentine Chocolates box, I can't think of the name right now but they are the kind that are individually wrapped in gold tin foil and have hazelnuts inside...somebody help me out here? Anyway, it's a candy box recycled and the raspberries are plastic and were purchased at ACMOORE crafts. FYI I found an adorable (and cheap) strainer in the $1 bin at Rite Aid today and can't wait to share it with you all. A Montessori teacher never stops looking for the 'perfect' practical life supplies.

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