Friday, February 1, 2008

Not Exactly What I Had Planned....

So, I thought my little one would enjoy a new sensorial experience, and I was right! He just jumped right in. My friend Paula loaned me this wonderful red bin, I planned to fill it with sand or water. Because I did not have sand and fearing my little boy might climb in thinking it was bath time, I opted to fill the bin with cotton balls instead. I provided cups for filling and dumping and demonstrated how to do this new activity. Then I left the room briefly and returned to find my little one IN the bin and most of the cotton balls out of the bin.
When he looked up and saw me, he said very clearly,
"IN MAMA!" well yes, he was in wasn't he?

Best laid plans. I am reminded by this whole body exploration, that a toddler's learning is through self discovery. I need to give him the freedom to explore with his senses.
Snow is cold, water is wet, the cats are soft...
to touch and feel it, to smell it, to taste it, to hear it, to see it
For him to learn what it is, understand and grow.
This is his work. And obviously it's fun!

I hope to share more "red bin" discoveries in future posts!


plaidshoes said...

Such a cute picture! I loved how he said "in" when he saw you (he remembered!). You make me wish I had another little one so we can try all these great ideas!

alexis said...

how precioius. he looks so happy. ah, to be young again, huh? they get such pure joy from the most simple things.

Melissa said...

Another great idea! This is another one that we are definitely going to copy. THanks!

RYD said...

Your baby is gorgeous! This photo reminds me of a similar incident with my own kids. My sister-in-law sent my niece's gently used doll house to us and it came in a HUGE box. The box had a zillion of those packaging "peanuts" and when I took the doll house out, my kids looked at me, pointed to the box and asked, "Can we get in?" I said, "Sure, go ahead." They played in there for ages, diving in and pretending to swim, covering themselves, you name it. It made a horrible mess but I didn't care because they had the best time and were thrilled. I think they loved the box more than the doll house!

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